Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gardening at Night

Gardening at Night

It’s been a really hot summer! Plus working full time and caring for a home and family doesn’t leave a lot of time for gardening. But the recent rains have helped keep things that I have planted going and also keep my rain barrel full. It’s nice to have water available without turning on the faucet

So, sometimes after dinner I douse myself with mosquito repellent and head outside, even after dark. Cooking dinner can sometimes be a depressing time. I get so frustrated with the cost, quality or both of the food available to us. So when I finish, I am inspired to work on my little farm with the hopes of growing food for my family.

Tonight it was my little corn seedlings.  I started nine of them on wet paper towels in a sandwich bag. These are heirlooms. I did not know there were heirlooms other than tomatoes.  This variety is fifty years old. Out of the seven seeds I started, seven of them had a sprout and long root after only a few days in the bag. I recently started tacking my seed bags up on the bulletin board while I wait for them to sprout. It works great!

After dishes were done tonight, I took my baggie off the board and headed outside. Having floodlights out back really help. I planted all nine seeds into soil in four inch pots. The two that did not sprout were swollen and I am pretty sure will sprout over the next day or two.

But I am getting so far behind! Those little corn plants are going to need a bed soon. I had a great weekend of trading with a new friend here locally and my daughter two counties north. Plus, I found some great buys on veggies at the home improvement store. From my friend, I got oyster plants, sage cuttings and a muscadine grape. From my daughter canna lilies, crinum lilies and a morning glory, plus more seeds than I can count. From the store I bought cauliflower, lettuce, green beans, cucumbers and latana and salvia for my butterfly garden. I really need to make beds for all those plants.  Makes me tired to think about it all. And I still haven’t started the coop!

But then I think of my family and what I want for our future. I imagine my grandsons visiting and exploring my garden with my son leading them. It’s my own bit of paradise. A dream of a new Eden. My little part of the earth God entrusts to my care. I can do this. A few minutes a day if need be. I’ve planted so much already, but it is growing. With every seed that sprouts, I am hopeful of a bountiful harvest.

And a new world for my children.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9

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