Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Why is it that I try to put so much thought into this blog, that I never end up posting anymore.....

Perfectionism. I want to blog my experiences and feelings with the hope that I can connect with and help others in my position. So, I need time to get inspired, open a word document, type something inspirational that will be a good read and inspire others, spell check, read through at least 3 times to make sure it is something that meets my expectations, add some stuff I forgot, spell check again........
Oh yeah, then I need to add pictures and choose a font! Then I copy and paste onto my page and try to find a Bible verse that fits the occasion.

No wonder my last post was in January.

But I am perfectly fine with typing a single sentence or question onto my facebook page. At this point I have already read this post through for the 3rd time. I am not helping anyone this way.
So, with this post I will try to start anew. I will be more kind to myself, and anyone who is still reading this.

Tonight we enjoyed leftovers and watched a few innings of the Rays game. It is the top of the 7th and I am the only one still watching. Hubby has retreated to the office to work on our taxes and my boy is in the shower, rather late, and preparing for bed. The highlight of our day was checking his grades online. Four A's and a B so far. We are only a week and a half into the grading period, but I wanted to catch him doing well and celebrate the moment. He announced to my that he was no longer going to try to make Honor Roll. He was going for Principal's List!

I love my family and my life. Thank you Lord!