Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Best Poundcake!

Pound Cake

Things are pretty tight around here, so I often find myself going to the pantry and baking with what I have on hand.  This week, it was my first pound cake.

I may have tried one years ago. But if I did, the results were not memorable J

I pulled out my favorite old cookbook.

But then found the recipe online here.

Now if you know me at all, you know I will be switching out some ingredients. I use organic as often as possible, if the ingredients are available. And I do not use cooking spray. I just haven’t found a natural/organic one that works for me. So, I use the old fashioned method of greasing and dusting my pan. For cookies, I swear by parchment paper, but that’s another post.

I used my old Bundt pan for this occasion. I hate that is has the Teflon coating, but for now, it’s what I have. I use a paper towel to grease the inside and up over the edges. Then I dusted with flour. I can still remember doing this part for my Mom <3

I love my mixer! A Christmas gift from the guys a few years back, it’s the only pink item in my kitchen. It makes fast work of creaming together sugar, shortening and then eggs. I knew my guys would not like the lemon, so I substituted with more vanilla.

Next come the dry ingredients. I have found the best way to add them is to sift them onto a paper plate, or piece of parchment paper. With the mixer running, pick up the edges and tip to add the ingredients to the bowl. I wish I could have a picture for you, but I don’t have enough hands.

I thought I would save my parchment paper and used wax paper instead. I won’t make that mistake again! The wax paper was too flimsy. Some things are better off not being photographed. What a mess!

After combining the wet and dry ingredients, I spread it in the pan.

Another reason I was baking was because it was raining. Baking on a rainy day gives me a cozy feeling. Indoor photography on a rainy day? not so much L

It raised nicely in the oven, but settled a bit when I removed it.

But it turned out beautifully.

A light dusting of powdered sugar,

and slice.


Next time I am switching out the shortening for coconut oil. YUM!
Do you have a favorite old cookbook? Please share in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. <3

Friday, October 4, 2013


Halloween will always bring back warm memories to me. For as long as I can remember, Mom has made hot chocolate (if it was cool enough, Florida after all) and baked sugar cookies for the neighborhood kids. She tinted them orange and added a raisin face to each.

We decorated the house and yard every year. When we grew to be adults, we often bought unique decorations to add to their collection. Some of our friends have returned to visit with their own children in tow. I look forward to seeing who attends each year.

For my own children, we would go to the local church festival or trick or treat the neighborhood (or both). But we would always end up at Mom and Dad's for sugar cookies and hugs.

The celebration has grown into a family gathering that goes far beyond cookies and quick visits. Mom still bakes cookies, but we all bring finger foods to share and put the grand children in a row for pictures. New memories are created at each gathering.
What are your family's Halloween traditions? Leave your favorite memories in the comments below for a chance to win a prize......
The light colored ones glow in the dark!

A set of 4 "After Trick or Treat Soaps"
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