Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Song and Garden

Saturday Song and Garden

It’s 9:00 pm. Hubby is volunteering at the school and my youngest is in the shower. Usually, he sings all sorts of songs while he is there. But tonight he is just making sounds and noises. Probably from the games and cartoons he watches.

He loves to sing, but won’t sing for an audience. He has perfect pitch. Every since he was a baby, he could repeat a sound and match its note perfectly. When he was an infant, he would be on his back while I was changing him and the phone would ring. He would mimic the sound exactly. So, my phone would always ring in stereo.

When he was in preschool, one of his favorite shows was Little Einsteins. They would introduce young children to the Classics, both in music and fine arts. Then he would sing instrumental pieces by Mozart, Bach or Beethoven. Then came Veggie Tales and contemporary Christian music. Sometimes he will hold a note and his voice sounds so beautiful. But, he doesn’t seem to see it that way. It’s just something to do I guess.

I did get some things done in the garden today. My compost in the tumbler went sour. The chicken feed I had got bugs in it so I dumped the whole container into the compost bin. I guess that knocked the balance off because today it smelled like ammonia. So, I emptied it and dumped it around the grapefruit tree. It needs all the help it can get and it is in a remote part of the yard where no one can smell it! Then I reloaded the tumbler with fresh scraps and partially rotted oak leaves.

Then hubby got home and whisked me off to a school that has closed down. They were selling everything and he knew I would want things for my classroom. Our principal met us there and we ended up pulling our resources to buy several desks and chairs for our classrooms. Our enrollment is up this year and we did not have enough desks to go around. “These are good problems to have” my pastor would say.

So, there I was, still in my garden clothes, representing our school. Then we were off to the school to drop off our purchases. Once at the school, there was much to do to put all the things away and get ready for the Back to School Picnic later that day. I had to come back home and change and pick up bathing suits and towels. We always rent an awesome waterslide!

We were about 30 minutes late for the picnic. We stopped by the stables to drop off my son’s paperwork so he can continue riding this fall. When we arrive at the picnic, it was in full swing. My son jumped right into the festivities and headed for the waterslide. A few years back, he would have hid behind me for the first few minutes until he was used to the noise and the crowd. I lost track of him and went to locate family and friends.

About forty five minutes later, my son came to me upset. He said his stomach was bothering him and everything was spinning. He could not pull himself together, so I located my hubby so we could get ready to leave. Twenty minutes after that, he decided to eat to see if it would help. It did and we ended up staying for most of the event. That’s just the way it is. Something will overwhelm him and it’s time to leave, or, he just recovers and we get to stay.

When we arrived home, we watched a bit of tv before my hubby went back to the school. As we settled into our evening, I decided to make my worm bin. I had purchased the perfect sized bin from the sale for a dollar. So I got out my drill and created a proper home for my wigglies:  This is pretty much the way I made my bin, but I only put one hole in the bottom at a corner. My daughter made hers this way. Then you can set it at an angle and place a bottle under the hole to catch the moisture (worm tea). More goodies for my garden!

“You who dwell in the gardens with friends in attendance, let me hear your voice!”                        Song of Solomon 8:13

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